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Red Lion control sixtrak industrial RTU product line adds cutting-edge

Shanghai, China, December 9, 2020 - Red Lion control, a global expert in communication, monitoring and control in the field of industrial automation and networking, recently launched a cutting-edge st-ipm-8460 remote terminal equipment (RTU), further expanding the sixtrak industrial RTU product line. The workbench software of Red Lion control is built in the new RTU, which adopts a compiler and running engine that comply with IEC standards, with stronger processing capacity and faster communication speed. The causes and troubleshooting of this kind of fault: (1) the force point blade is loose, and the storage capacity is larger, and it has the consistent flexibility and reliability of Red Lion control monitoring and control equipment, which can better meet the needs of customers. St-ipm-8460 has passed UL class I zone 2 and ABS certification. Its operating temperature range is -40 C to 70 C. It can operate reliably even in harsh and dangerous environments

The workbench software combination of st-ipm-8460 and Red Lion control can easily support large and complex projects across multiple devices. Workbench software can provide user-defined control, standard program language support, powerful debugging/monitoring tools, project automation, and controller redundancy. After completion, ACTC R & D center will provide sheet molding advantages including carbon materials

whether your application monitors a few or thousands of data points, st-ipm-8460 can be easily configured through the ethertrak-2 i/o module controlled by red lion to meet the needs of different applications. It refers to hengsi Shanda Jinan experimental machine used in experiment 3 Pressure transmission: pneumatic board. In addition, the new RTU also has many advantages, such as providing private labels, dual power input, supporting redundant Ethernet that can prolong normal operation time, supporting a variety of communication ports and transmission protocols, and easily connecting various field devices

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