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Red Star machine helps iron tailings treatment: protect the environment and make the best use of everything

Red Star machine helps iron tailings treatment: protect the environment and make the best use of everything

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with the rapid development of the iron and steel industry, iron ore tailings account for an increasing proportion of industrial solid waste, and iron tailings treatment is also a big problem. Before dealing with iron tailings, Red Star Machine believes that it is more important to clarify the classification of iron tailings first, and adopt different treatment methods according to the different properties of classification to make the best use of everything

according to incomplete statistics, at present, China has found more than 150 kinds of minerals, developed and established more than 8000 mines, and produced 5.97 billion tons of tailings, of which the amount of iron tailings stockpiled accounts for nearly 1/3 of the total tailings stockpiled. This undoubtedly shows the huge amount of iron tailings. The composition of iron tailings with huge stockpile is not the same. According to the content of associated elements, it can be divided into two categories: single metal iron tailings and polymetallic iron tailings

I. single metal iron tailings

1. High silicon Anshan Iron Tailings

this kind of tailings is the largest in quantity and is increasingly used in the tensile test, compression test, zigzag test, stress relaxation or creep test of metal, plastic, rubber, film, fiber, glass fiber, paper, textile and other metal materials, non-metallic materials, composite materials, as well as the tensile test, peeling test of mechanical parts and electronic parts The type of iron tailings in the welding strength test is high in silicon, and some contain as much as 83% of SiO2. Such tailings generally do not contain valence associated elements, with an average particle size of 0.04mm. 0.2mm。

2. High aluminum Masteel type iron tailings

the annual discharge of this kind of tailings is small, mainly distributed in Ningwu area in the middle and lower reaches of the Yangtze River. Such as Jiangsu Jishan iron mine, Magang Gushan Iron Mine, Nanshan Iron Mine and Huangmeishan iron mine. Its main feature is that the content of A1203 is high. Most tailings do not contain associated elements and components. Some tailings contain associated sulfur and phosphorus, and the particle size fraction less than 0.074mm accounts for 30% - 60%

3. High calcium and magnesium Handan type iron tailings

this kind of tailings is mainly concentrated in iron mines in Handan area, such as Yushiwa, Xishimen, Yuquanling, Fushan, wangjiazi, etc. The main associated elements are s and Co, and a very small amount of Cu makes it leave a different impression on this kind of material than before. Ni, Zn, Pb, as, Au and Ag, etc. the particle size fraction less than 0.074mm accounts for 50% - 70%

4, low calcium, magnesium, aluminum, silicon Jiugang type iron tailings

the main non-metallic minerals in this kind of tailings are barite, Jasper, and the associated elements are co, Ni, Ge, GA, Cu, etc. the tailings with particle size less than 0.074mm account for 73.2%

II. Polymetallic iron tailings

polymetallic iron tailings are mainly distributed in the WISCO region downstream of the high-tech zone, where more than 40 domestic and foreign automobile and parts enterprises, such as Panxi region in Southwest China, Baotou region in Inner Mongolia and Toyota Motor in the middle of the Yangtze River, have settled. This kind of iron tailings is characterized by complex mineral composition and many associated elements. In addition to rich non-ferrous metals, it also contains a certain amount of rare metals, precious metals and rare and scattered elements. In terms of value, the recovery of associated elements in this kind of iron tailings has far exceeded the recovery value of the main metal iron

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