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Another new use of red mud - making plastic alloy

discussion on the repair method of the side furnace side of Ouyang guard aluminum reduction cell is to generate furnace side. The reason for the difference between Wu and is that the cooling heat at the edge does not nap, and the heat in the groove and chamber is too much, which is closely related to the process and technical parameters. The isotherm of our furnace should be 3, and the furnace side can meet the requirements of normal production. 2. Determination and repair of furnace side 2.1 determination of furnace side because the production process of electrolytic aluminum is always based on the dynamic balance of heat, the furnace side is also affected by many factors and is in a dynamic process. In actual production, it is mainly to check the big drill along the groove and the edge, chiseling while moving. If there is a bad furnace side. Then the upper shell surface is often decomposed, and the big drill rod is easy to break the shell surface and insert into the electric material. Then use the hook to detect and deal with it, usually every two hours. If combined with shell pressing processing, the quality of the furnace side is more clear if the hook is used to probe the edge. 2.2 repair of the furnace side. The following methods are often used to repair the furnace side. 1. Press the shell at the edge and inject a certain amount of alumina. 2 scrape the sediment in the furnace to the edge with a fire rake. Then a small amount of alumina is injected into the shell, which is called Bata hot electricity. It pays attention to and supports domestic experimental machine manufacturing enterprises with development potential to drive the shell into the edge. If the local tip shell is red, the damaged part can also be tamped with magnesium brick mixed with electrolytic block alumina. Method 3 is more effective for local furnace side damage. The method is usually aimed at the damage of furnace culture of Fructus aurantii Immaturus. It seems that in our production practice, we often feel that method 1 is very successful. On the one hand, a large amount of alumina is added, which is easy to form precipitation at the bottom of the furnace. On the other hand, the lasting time of the stove top is often not long. If in a hotter climate and higher electrolyte level, the furnace top is more difficult to be stable, so the author emphasizes that the surrounding or large-area furnace top is good. Seven, if the electrolyte level and trick level adopted are not compatible with the tank condition. 2.3 adjust the electrolyte level with higher process technical parameters to have larger heat capacity, and make the anode buried deep in the electrolyte. The level of cathode electrolyte is low. Wen. High degree. Insufficient heat dissipation is the direct cause of poor furnace side. The aluminum level should be appropriately increased and the electrolyte level should be appropriately reduced. When loading, this is also very similar to the time selected in document 2 to regulate the furnace at the high aluminum level. The electrolyte and aluminum level are basically normal, the furnace has no great leg extension and sedimentation, and the effect coefficient is also normal. You can adjust the processing cycle and increase the processing times appropriately, especially the edge shell pressing processing. Hook the big block to the edge, so it is easy to form a furnace top. However, if the sedimentation multi effect coefficient is high, it is necessary to prevent the tank from being too cold, and it is not suitable to use large-scale processing. If the electrolyte is obviously high and the edge of the tank is generally softened, the electrolyte can only be extracted, otherwise the anode cannot be reduced, and the situation will become more and more serious in the future. Hours before aluminum tapping, when the cutting level is high, it is a good time to regulate the furnace, but it is particularly necessary to prevent the generation of precipitation, and the aluminum level will rise after large-scale processing. However, the aluminum output should not be too large. The aluminum level should be higher than that of the flat furnace. The ideal furnace side is the technological requirement of aluminum electrolysis. The stove top should be checked frequently. In case of damage, it is necessary to repair it. For example, large-area neat furnace side, set it immediately. If you don't know the connected COM port, the method is to change the transmission technology to appropriately improve the error level, reduce the electrolyte level, and adjust the processing system. At present, most of the staggered electrolyzers are designed according to the heat preservation at the bottom and heat dissipation at the edge. In previous years, the so-called deep furnace gapping solution tank has been basically replaced by the shallow furnace. The shallow furnace gapping shallow electrolyte level is almost the obvious feature of forming the furnace side. The author has also confirmed the effectiveness of this method in many years of production practice. 1 Qiu et al. I. Good technical skills. 997,3. 21= spring. 1. The timing and Shenshan of self baking trough regulating the furnace. 4 private 191 information court. Red mud has new uses to make plastic alloys., Aluminum = the industry is in the process of refining aluminum. Will emit a lot of red 1 Attach high-value products to red mud pie. It has always been a deep topic for scientific and technological workers in the aluminum industry. It is learned from relevant parties that Beijing Jinzhan science and Trade Co., Ltd. has found another use for red mud by using red mud to develop discharged alloy products. Red mud plastic 6 gold products have a wide range of uses. Red mud plastic alloy products are polymerized with red 1. Fat a variety of add 3 Lin raw materials. According to the metal alloy theory, through the complex machine Cheng system, this new material can be used to replace rubber to make all kinds of transportation belt and cable skins. It can also be used to make dam seepage prevention warm color sunshade cloth, light box fireproof cloth building components, such as decorative material lining flat stair handrails, etc. Contributed by Wang Zhutang

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