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Red Lion further expands pax2c PID control

by adding flexbus support, Red Lion further expands Pax 2C PID control. The new flexcard module supports the use of a single display screen to monitor and control a variety of applications

York, Pennsylvania, March 25, 2015 - Red Lion control, an expert in communication, monitoring and control of global industrial automation and networks, today announced that flexbus technology and its Pax 2C proportional integral derivative (PID) control quality stability and other aspects are a very important part of the overall cost; Whether it has been used by peers: the market is the effective way to test products, and the device series are integrated together. By plugging in the field installable flexcard module, users can now implant the pax2c PID controller into more than 150 configurations, and can use a display screen to monitor and control a variety of application processes

red lion's advanced pax2c modular platform provides a simple upgrade path, enabling integrators and panel manufacturers to improve application support while reducing inventory. This solution is very suitable for temperature, flow rate and pressure control in packaging, plastic welding, metal pressing, food and beverage industries

our pax2c controller is for end users who want to meet a wide range of PID control needs, said Jeff Thornton, product management director of Red Lion control. By combining option cards with pax2c, customers will no longer need to maintain an inventory of application specific controllers. This not only reduces inventory costs, but also allows customers to meet any PID application needs more quickly

the new flexcard module includes:

process input/remote setting card: it supports 0/4 to 20 mA input. For applications with higher requirements for tight control, it supports the use of cascade control loop

heater current monitor card: it provides heater current input. If the heater or heater control equipment fails, it can send a signal before it causes loss.

Red Lion pax2c PID controller based on Crimson programming, It has a two-line display that can change color with the change of processing state, which can timely remind that a value exceeds the specified range. Pax2c controller uses general process input and AC/DC power input, supports DC current, DC voltage, process signal, thermocouple and RTD input, and can build a multi-in-one platform that is easy to integrate. Other features include a large LCD display that provides eye-catching bar charts, programmable alarms, up to 16 alarms, and a built-in USB programmable port

for more information about pax2c PID controller and all its performance and specification parameters, see

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