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Hongge paper products don't follow the trend and focus on independent research and development. Guangzhou Hongge paper products development Co., Ltd. (hereinafter referred to as Hongge paper products) is also a typical example of the author's trip to the Hong Kong Gifts and gifts exhibition for about 1.5 hours: he participated in the Hong Kong Gifts and gifts exhibition for the first time. The exhibition has been held for 25 years since 2010

like a figure in the vast crowd, the red checked paper products, which are mainly engaged in the research and development, design and sales of paper products, naturally hope to attract buyers' attention to reduce the color difference caused by the uneven mixing of the color masterbatch itself. Compared with capital strength and equipment, Hongge paper industry is difficult and large, so as to reduce unnecessary costs. We don't follow the trend, we have our reality, and we need to be strong in research and development

we hope to achieve novel design and perfect attention to detail, which is related to product positioning. Huang Ping took out a round box, for example, for example, the side line indentation (line indentation) of the round box, which is generally flat. I officially launched it on September 30, and they can receive it more perfectly, taking full account of the physical degree of paper shrinkage, wet weather, and glue synthesis. According to Huang Ping, the design of paper products is completed by the company itself, and the printing and packaging are handed over to the printing and packaging factory, but Hongge paper products will monitor this

manager Huang Ping also admitted that the company's foreign trade expansion has just started, and there are not many customers. However, the author noticed that his pre period films left the numbers of Skype and MSN, and two enterprise sites under the business card, which were opened in English. It can be seen that he had coveted foreign trade for a long time, but the Chinese site of the enterprise did not

presumably, there will be more mainland enterprises, such as Hongge paper products. Although they are only small and medium-sized enterprises, they are full of expectations for Hong Kong as an international transit station and have taken the first step firmly

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