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Red evoque flies against the wind

in the impression, the colors that can represent the high-tech industry seem to be very dark, and the data show that the three color systems of blue, gray and black seem to dominate the hue of technology for a long time. In Shenzhen, the plants, companies and logos of many high-tech enterprises are mostly blue or gray. The appearance of Yanxiang technology building, which stands beside Shennan Avenue, is also covered with a kind of fashionable and flexible technology blue. But only when you walk into this 20 story building will you find that the interior of Yanxiang group is full of a kind of accessible and hot "China Red"

glory under the red wall:

from the financial statements of the first quarter of 2009, the revenue of Yanxiang group is about 1.563 billion yuan; Compared with the same period in 2008, it increased by 151%. This data may not be worth mentioning for some large and medium-sized state-owned enterprises, but for the Pearl River Delta region, especially private high-tech enterprises, under the ravages of the international financial storm, the growth of more than 150% can definitely be regarded as "rising against the market". In April, 2009, Yanxiang Group signed a cooperation agreement with the government of northern Rhine, Germany, to set up a European headquarters in Germany, which is known as the "ancestor of modern industry". When the global economic development slows down and many local enterprises practice their internal skills behind closed doors, Yanxiang's choice to go upstream and achieve great success is too special and publicized. It is also in this "red" background that people can see the dawn of China's economy through Chinese enterprises such as Yanxiang

Yanxiang group has been able to maintain a long-term success in terms of performance in the past three years, and even attracted Premier Wen Jiabao, Li Changchun, He Guoqiang, Lu Yongxiang, Wan Gang and other leaders to visit, and many peers and media have learned from it. So what is the reason that makes a private high-tech enterprise stand firm in the face of the financial storm and remain constantly new? Careful people will find a clue from the office building of Yanxiang group

there is a vermilion background wall at the front desk of each floor above the 15th floor of Yanxiang technology building. What is different is that there are many square pits neatly arranged on this wall. It seems that something can be put in it, but they are empty, as if they are waiting for something to fill it

on August 8, 2007, the secret about the red wall was finally revealed. The first "man of the moment" selection of Yanxiang group was announced on this day. In order to commend the excellent employees who have worked hard in the front line for 15 years, both senior executives and grass-roots employees, both in-service personnel and retired veterans, are included in this selection range

among the 16 "lucky people" announced for the first time, in addition to obtaining flowers and certificates, everyone also walked down a long red carpet like a movie star and received the blessings of all colleagues in the company. The company also carved a large Shoushan stone seal for each "man of the moment", which was embedded in the red background wall on the 20th floor of the building, and this wall was named "Yanxiang man of the moment list"

Liu Yi, the winner of the first time man of the moment, said with emotion, "Yanxiang is my first job in Shenzhen, and it is also the only job at present. I am very honored to choose Yanxiang. I am proud to have developed with Yanxiang in the past ten years. I want to thank Yanxiang for providing a stage for my career growth. Facts have proved that my only choice of Yanxiang was correct and worthwhile."

and vice president fan Xiaoning's words represent the aspirations of many old employees of Yanxiang "If my work in Yanxiang has made a little contribution to the development of the company, this contribution is so insignificant compared with what Yanxiang has given me. On August 8, 2007, I entered the company for just 8 years and 11 days. In the new historical period of the company, I will forget the eight years I have experienced in Yanxiang and have brought me some honor, and meet new tasks and challenges with the mentality of a new employee who has been in Yanxiang for 11 days."

more than 40 seals have been embedded in the "list of people of the moment" of Yanxiang. Each seal represents an old employee who has made outstanding contributions to Yanxiang. Each seal is also engraved in the hearts of all employees. When walking through this wall, every Yanxiang person will inspire himself in his heart - "I must make a name for myself in Yanxiang, and let my name be engraved on the red wall of Yanxiang!"

incentive philosophy:

carving your name on the list of people of the moment is the supreme honor of every Yanxiang person, but this honor does not have any material rewards and bonuses, so why has it become the goal of every Yanxiang employee

at present, Yanxiang group has more than 4000 employees, including more than 1500 technical R & D personnel. It is a high-tech enterprise focusing on the production and R & D of special computers. In such a large number of enterprises, how to do a good job in talent selection and management is what every manager should learn and face

until you see the oil level reaching the oil window 1.5, when Yanxiang had only a few hundred people more than a decade ago, the selection of talents has begun to pay attention to the recognition of "Yanxiang flavor". Yanxiang believes that "talents are not the best, only those suitable for enterprises are the best." As for the division standard of "Yanxiang flavor", it depends on whether a person's behavior meets the long-term development needs of the company. It requires "honesty" first and "harmony" second

the interview is the first understanding of every employee who enters Yanxiang group. In this link, the human resources department of the group mainly evaluates the personality traits and behavioral motivation of new employees, so as to judge the potential quality and personality characteristics of this person. Even if the work skills are outstanding and do not have the quality of teamwork and integrity, Yanxiang will not hire. The HR Director of Yanxiang group once joked that "we should always leave some of the remaining talents to our competitors, and the right ones are the best." This is also one of the competitive skills

for the talents left behind, Yanxiang will also organize training, military training and carry out "sword casting" activities at different stages to improve the comprehensive quality of employees and improve teamwork. Such employees have a greater sense of belonging and identity to the enterprise, and will also maximize the potential of employees to work hard

Yanxiang believes that "the training of employees is the greatest benefit." Only skills and knowledge are the wealth that accompanies a lifetime, and no one can deprive them. Of course, in addition to training, Yanxiang also has a flexible "instant reward policy". It is stipulated that people in any department can reward other colleagues who perform well or make outstanding contributions. All employees of the company have the right to propose immediate rewards for other employees. The amount of immediate rewards is generally yuan. If there are outstanding deeds, Yuan rewards can be given as appropriate, and the maximum amount is 50 yuan. Moreover, it is packed in a beautiful small red envelope and sent to employees with a special "instant reward card". It has the advantages of fast, small amount and high reward frequency. The immediate reward system reflects the management concept of Yanxiang, which avoids the complicated bonus application process. It is an efficient reward system

of course, in addition to incentives and punishment, the fine culture is also a unique management means of Yanxiang. Similarly, any employee can issue a fine of about 10 yuan to others for work delay, wrong address, being late for a meeting or affecting others' work, including Chen Zhilie himself. The purpose of doing this is to urge employees who "make mistakes" to avoid making them again next time; In order to improve efficiency

from the red "red envelope", to the red fine sheet, and then to the red seal on the red wall. Yanxiang people are always using their own way to restrain and adjust themselves. Until today, in the context of the gloomy economy of the Pearl River Delta region, a new force has sprung up and become popular against the market

art of innovation:

Yanxiang group is an industrial company. The seemingly simple process of R & D, manufacturing and sales contains great hardships. Because special computer products are mainly faced with government procurement projects and major national science and technology projects, Yanxiang has paid more attention to the strict requirements of government procurement. Especially when most of the competitors of Yanxiang are foreign well-known brands, Yanxiang has developed excellent skills in the market and technology, and the secret lies in "innovation"

nowadays, Yanxiang has not only become a national standard setter in the industrial computer industry, but also a national key high-tech enterprise and a national special computer demonstration base. A new science and technology park covering an area of 230000 square meters will be built in Shenzhen, specializing in the production and R & D of special computer products. When many enterprises are transforming and stopping production for rectification, Yanxiang's move is tantamount to setting up a pioneering red flag on the land of Shenzhen again. When asked about the secret of success, Yanxiang people always say modestly: "one is that we are very specific in doing things, and we must do it well when we recognize one thing; the second is that we are willing to invest, and spend more than 11% of our sales every year on scientific and technological research and development, which provides a technical guarantee for our products to remain competitive."

technological innovation has improved the performance and quality of Yanxiang products, but it still cannot become a magic weapon to quickly occupy the market. In fact, "Yanxiang innovation" is a collection of multi-dimensional innovation, which is the key to the rapid rise of Yanxiang and its spread abroad after the national quality supervision department found that it had led the domestic market in the supervision of waterproof materials

after the listing of Yanxiang, a management work called non classic management came out. Yanxiang people compiled the management methods and ideas formed by Yanxiang since its establishment into a volume, reflecting the unique cultural innovation of Yanxiang. Yanxiang has changed the tedious management method in the past, and guided employees to pursue efficiency with a more relaxed and comfortable working environment

the slogan "a piece of paper, a pen, write clearly and give it to a special person; use a computer, use a network, write clearly and e a special person" is pasted on the walls of the offices of each branch of Yanxiang. It emphasizes that "saying is lying", and believes that "there is no basis for words" and "there is no cover for words". Only by "writing clearly" can we clarify the clue, and only by "giving it to a special person" can we effectively solve the problem. Therefore, the core of both is to advocate a scientific and efficient way of work communication - "writing". Yanxiang believes that in the process of "writing", seeking truth from facts is the embodiment of noble character; Analyze and summarize the complex problems, and its essence is the embodiment of professional ability; Providing constructive opinions and solutions is the embodiment of creative ability

technological innovation and management innovation are the symbols of Yanxiang innovation. Unique brand innovation has expanded the popularity of Yanxiang, which is another major innovation of Yanxiang. Due to the characteristics of special computer products, although the industry is required to vigorously reduce pollutants in the production process of PU and PVC synthetic leather every day, it may be used many times by mass consumers, but the products themselves still cannot be seen by people. Therefore, in October 2008, Yanxiang launched the first "inside plan" in the automation industry - "Yanxiang inside" brand strategy. Yanxiang has changed

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