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The rise of the "Red Army" Gartner x86 server virtualization Magic Quadrant

Gartner's annual x86 server virtualization infrastructure Magic Quadrant has been announced, and the Red Army is particularly eye-catching in the magic quadrant

one of the red hats is red hat, which has entered the prospector quadrant from the niche quadrant, which can realize a strong combination between KVM and openstack, and improve the external wall insulation material experimental door of open Jinan new era Gold Testing Instrument Co., Ltd. stack is developed for the mechanical performance test of external wall insulation system and roof insulation material

streamlined licensing and new suite based products are aimed at cloud management, which makes red hat a powerful substitute for Microsoft and VMware, especially for Red Hat Enterprise Linux users

another red is that Chinese companies are deeply convinced that this company has appeared in the Magic Quadrant for the first time this year

deeply convinced that KVM can run in a series of products, Gartner said that it is still expanding, and through its hardware relationship with Lenovo, Inspur and other manufacturers, it also has a virtual storage and super fusion integrated system. It also expanded its relationship with Chinese thin client hardware providers

Shenxin added (limited) English language support in November last year, and upgraded the suite to version 5.0 in May 2016

gartner said that the reference customers who are convinced to cover the pressure plate service have not used their kit for a long time, which may mean that once they plan to expand it into your business field, they will have some useful experience

it is expected that other Chinese virtualization manufacturers are likely to appear in the Magic Quadrant next year, and they have overtaken other niche manufacturers in terms of revenue

but the direction of the universal suffrage system and various legal principles affirmed by the decision of the Standing Committee of the National People's Congress

the author of the Magic Quadrant said that VMware is still leading in terms of functionality, but its price is still very high, which makes users a little discouraged. Cloud products are a simple way to alleviate this problem. VMware needs to make better products to run cloud workloads, but VMware is not doing well in these markets at present. Of course, VMware lacks the attraction to developers, so it will find it difficult to win the share of new cloud native applications. Gartner said this remained a key challenge for VMware

gartner x86 server virtualization infrastructure Magic Quadrant in 2015 and 2016

Microsoft has a stronger plan for new applications, although a large part of it has not been announced externally, because Windows Server 2016 missed this year's Magic Quadrant

this means that no one has bought windows server for virtualization at present, but developers are paying attention to what technology Microsoft can provide. Its focus on developers is important in the already saturated infrastructure virtualization market, Gartner said

oracle has provided functions such as real-time migration and storage recovery, but it still makes users unable to obtain licenses, which makes it difficult to run cluster services. Therefore, Gartner said that the overall interest of Gartner customers in Oracle VM server for x86 is still very low

virtuzzo, once known as Odin and parallels, claims to provide the best solution for service providers, building high-density and island solutions around common persistent workloads such as web services and databases

Gartner estimates that the company is one step ahead of its competitors because the container market is heating up. However, as all mainstream cloud providers begin to support containers, and all mainstream hypervisor vendors have added support for containers to their product portfolios, virtuzzo still has some challenges to maintain its leadership

Huawei's development in markets outside China is still limited, mainly due to national security concerns that buyers will consider more before purchasing. Although Huawei's products have been well developed and Huawei has done well in openstack, Gartner believes that most buyers are still domestic customers in China

Citrix fell out of the mainstream server virtualization market a year ago, so it is no longer a mainstream workload competitor. Gartner said that this means that XenServer still lags behind in some technical standards (maximum virtual memory capacity per client, virtual disk)

customers don't care: Gartner's Magic Quadrant says reference customers say that Citrix's customer base is generally satisfied with the direction of XenServer

however, customers do like Citrix's strategy of optimizing XenServer as a platform for their xenapp and XenDesktop products, and its low cost makes it an attractive cost avoidance strategy when compared with competitors like vSphere

Gartner's Magic Quadrant hasn't been very lucky in the past two years. VSphere 6.0 was absent from last year's deadline. This year, it will not consider Xen Server 7.0, and it was released before the launch of Windows Server 2016. Azure stack may appear in the Magic Quadrant next year, because Microsoft's hybrid cloud and container strategy may fluctuate, so it will certainly bring some changes to the pattern

I believe VMware will make some comments on hybrid cloud and cloud primitives at the vmworld conference to be held in the next few weeks

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